Kodiak 100

Rugged – “The Luxury SUV with Wings”

The Kodiak 100 is tough – designed for rugged, remote, backcountry operations – taking off from and landing more places than any other aircraft of its class.

  • Unmatched STOL performance – get up and out quickly.
  • Turbine power reliability – go farther, safer.
  • Narrow wing-span – get through and into tighter spaces.
  • Sturdy landing gear with Tundra tires – unimproved surfaces, no problem.

Reliable – “Modern equals safe.”

With over 1000 additional safety enhancements than the competition, the Kodiak 100 is an amazingly secure airplane.

  • Engineered in the 21st century – meeting the latest FAA standards.
  • Integrated flight deck with advanced avionics – enhancing situational awareness.
  • Innovative wing design – extra safe with nearly spin-resistant technology.
  • High performance and safety in all weather conditions.

Versatile – “The tools for any mission.”

The Kodiak 100 is designed for diversity with readily applied configurations to meet multiple cargo and passenger needs.
  • Easy conversion from passenger to cargo operations.
  • Cargo pod add-on has virtually no loss of performance.
  • Takeoff from water or runway with no need for structural upgrades.
  • Business, family, charter and luxury interior options to customize.