2023 Kodiak 100 Series III
Q1/Q2 2023 Delivery
American Kodiak Executive Edition

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Summit Executive Interior with 6 Passenger Seats

The Summit executive interior package includes: Choice from two color options; (Warm beige or Cool Gray), an executive four place “club” seating arrangement featuring reclining executive passenger seats with arm rests and lumbar support configured (forward to aft) with dual aft facing seats, dual forward-facing seats and a fifth forward-facing seat positioned aft. Removable carpet over slip resistant flooring, 6-passenger headset jacks, 8 passenger PSU vents, reading lights, full cabin ventilation control, and 10- place oxygen.

Summit 6th Passenger Seat

External Baggage Compartment

The External Baggage Compartment is of composite construction and mounts onto the bottom of the fuselage to provide additional cargo and baggage space. It has a maximum load-carrying weight of 750 pounds and a maximum floor loading of 65 pounds per square foot to allow a wide variety of loading scenarios. The External Baggage Compartment is divided into three compartments separated by composite bulkheads and each compartment has an individual loading door and internal skid ramp to facilitate loading and unloading. With its clean aerodynamic design, there is very little reduction in performance (only 1-2 knots reduction in cruise speed).


TKS Ice Protection

The TKS Ice Protection System makes the airplane Certified for Flight into Known Ice (FIKI). It incorporates porous titanium panels attached to the leading edge of the wings, wing struts, main landing gear legs, and empennage. The system includes a 16-gallon tank which yields an endurance of 2-1/2 hours of continuous operation in normal icing conditions. In certain configurations, the tank may be refilled in flight for extended operation in icing conditions. Two LED ice detection lights illuminate each wing leading edge for detection of ice at night. Windshield ice protection is provided through windshield sprayers which clears any ice build-up on the pilot’s windshield. The Kodiak equipped with TKS Ice Protection is truly an all-weather airplane.


Air Conditioning

Controlled through a digital touch screen display which allows the pilot to select the desired temperature for the system to maintain, the vapor cycle air conditioning system consists of an engine-driven compressor, forward evaporator, aft evaporator, condenser and two blowers. Cool air is distributed throughout the cabin via 12 gaspers to generate a comfortable temperature.


29” Tire Combo

A popular upgrade on the Kodiak, the larger tires provide improved handling and durability on rugged back-country airstrips. This also upgrades the landing weight to 7,255 lbs. This upgrade exchanges the tires as follows:

Standard Tires:
Main: 8 Ply, 8.5 x 10.0 Nose: 6 Ply, 6.5 x 8.0

Upgraded Tires:
Main: 29 x 11-10 Nose: 22 x 8-8


GTS 800 TAS/WX-500 Stormscope Package

The GTS 800 Traffic Avoidance System actively interrogates other transponder-equipped aircraft. The system displays the position of nearby aircraft on the G1000 and provides aural warnings when there is potential conflict. This feature greatly increases the safety for flights into busy airspace. Moreover, when operating in remote areas where no ATC radar services are provided, but other aircraft are still operating. Also includes the WX 500 Stormscope which enables pilots to make informed in-flight decisions about thunderstorm avoidance by mapping real-time electrical discharges created by storms and displaying it on the G1000 NXi.


GDL 69A-XM Data Link with Audio Infotainment

XM Satellite Weather data provides information for avoiding hazardous weather. Having XM WX on board boosts pilots’ situational awareness through interactive graphical weather updates displayed on the G1000 NXi. If the peace of mind XM WX provides isn’t enough, XM offers over 170 channels of music, news, talk and sports enjoyment.


Garmin SurfaceWatch 

Garmin SurfaceWatch is a system designed to help pilots safely navigate on the ground. SurfaceWatch displays the airport environment while also displaying real-time ground traffic. The system also has features to improve safety on the runway.


Single Point Refueling 

Single point refueling now comes standard with the NEW 2022 Kodiak 100 Series III. This also provides ease of access and maintenance. Single point refueling allows you to get back in the air faster!


10-place Oxygen System

The 10-place oxygen system grants pilots the ability to fly higher. Per federal regulation, crews are subjected to certain altitude restrictions if passengers are not provided supplemental oxygen. This system makes that worry a thing of the past. Included with the system are all the necessary masks, tubes, and connections.


  • Summit Interior Package – Warm brown leather seating in six (6) place arrangement
  • External Baggage Compartment
  • Air Conditioning
  • 29″ Tire Combo Upgrade
  • TKS Anti-Ice System
  • Garmin GTS 800 Traffic / L3 WX 500 Stormscope Package
  • Garmin GDL 69 XM Weather
  • Garmin SurfaceWatch 
  • Single Point Refueling 
  • 10-place Oxygen System