The Complete Ownership Experience for
the Leading-Edge Turboprop,
Brought to You Exclusively by American Kodiak


Turbine Power Reliability

Go Farther, Safer with the Pratt & Whitney PT6 Engine

Integrated Flight Deck

Advanced Avionics, Enhancing Situational Awareness

Diverse Configurations

Easy Conversion from Passenger to Cargo Options

Shorter Wing Span

Get Through and Into Tighter Spaces

Robust Landing Gear

Tundra Tires Make Unimproved Surfaces No Problem

Available Cargo Pod

Add Storage Space with Virtually No Loss of Performance

Float Plane Option

STOL from Water or Runway with Amphibious Aerocet Composite Floats

With the lowest operating costs in its class, nothing is more economical for delivering 10 people or more than 1.5 tons of useful load than the Kodiak 100.

Short Take-Off and Landing

Originally designed to be the ultimate humanitarian workhorse, the Kodiak 100 is now the ultimate aircraft for many quests. With its combination of robust construction and remarkable payload capability, the Kodiak 100 is the most advanced 10-seat short takeoff and landing turboprop – expanding service ability and lifestyle choices. Watch this video demonstration to see it's amazing abilities.

Walk Around Video

Kodiak 100, Series II - Walk-Around video of the Kodiak 100 with Mark Brown, Chief Demo Pilot and Director of Marketing for Quest Aircraft Company.

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